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Career Opportunities

Kyoto University promotes gender equality.
Applications from female scientists are more than welcome.

Positions are available at the iCeMS, a newly established international research center at Kyoto University. We are looking for scientists who fill two types of positions.

  1. Non-independent positions
    within the laboratories of our principal investigators (PIs)
    • Associate Professor
    • Lecturer
    • Assistant Professor
    • Postdoctoral Fellow
    • Technician
    For the list of PIs, click here.

  2. iCeMS Kyoto Fellow
    • Independent Assistant Professor

Application Procedure

Visit the website of the PI you are interested in. Create the following documents.

  1. CV (including publications, patents, presentations etc.)
  2. Lists of acquired research funds
  3. A brief summary of scientific achievements [3-10 pages]
  4. Research plan in the PI's laboratory [1-3 pages]. Describe such as why you are interested in the PI's research, what project(s) you wish to be involved with, how you think you could contribute to the PI's project, and the research proposal you wish to make to the PI. You are encouraged to make contact with the PI you are interested in before you start working on this document.
  5. Fill out the cover page (for downloading the following format).
    cover sheet (pdf)PDF format (110 KB)
    cover sheet (word)Word format (29.5 KB)
  6. Send five copies of your application by normal air mail or a courier service to:
    Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences (iCeMS)
    Kyoto University
    Yoshida Ushinomiya-cho, Sakyo-ku
    Kyoto 606-8501
    Phone: +81-(0)75-753-9753

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Open Positions

Updated January 13, 2015

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iCeMS Kyoto Fellow
Independent Assistant Professor

Principal Investigator Field Open Positions
Assoc. Prof. Senior Lecturer Asst. Prof. Postdoc Lab
Kitagawa, Susumu Coordination Chemistry, Biological Inorganic Chemistry, Biomaterial Science     PDF check check
Uesugi, Motonari Chemical Biology       check  
Ueda, Kazumitsu Cellular Biochemistry          
Chen, Yong Nano-biotechnology          
Harada, Yoshie Single-Molecule Physiology          
Hashida, Mitsuru Biopharmaceuticals       check  
Heuser, John Biophysics, Cell Biology          
Imahori, Hiroshi Photochemistry          
Kengaku, Mineko Developmental Neurobiology, Cell Biology       check  
Kiso, Makoto Glycotechnology       check  
Kusumi, Akihiro Single-Molecule Cell Biophysics     check    
Nakatsuji, Norio Stem-Cell Biology, Developmental Biology          
Saitou, Mitinori Germ Cell Biology, Stem Cell Biology          
Sugiyama, Hiroshi Chemical Biology          
Tanaka, Koichiro Teraherz Optical Science          
Yamanaka, Shinya Stem Cell Biology, Developmental Engineering          
Sivaniah, Easan Polymer Science, Nanobiotechnology       PDF PDF

Carlton, Peter Meiosis, Chromosome Biology, Optical Microscopy          
Kalay, Ziya Statistical Physics       check  
Kim, Franklin Synthetic Nano-/Meso-Chemistry, Self-Assembly       check check
Murakami, Tatsuya Cell Engineering, Protein Engineering       check  
Wang, Dan Ohtan Neuroscience, RNA Biology, Photochemistry          
Yamamoto, Takyua Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics          
Center for Meso-Bio Single-Molecule Imaging (CeMI) Single-Molecule Imaging and Tracking, Terahertz Spectroscopy and Microscopy          
NCBS-inStem Satellite Lab Group Single-Molecule Cell Biophysics, Membrane Biology, Stem Cell Biology, Developmental Biology       PDF

Innovation Management Group Innovation Management          
Science Communication Group Science Communication       PDF  
Core Research
Assoc. Prof. Senior Lecturer Asst. Prof. Postdoc Lab

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