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Coordination Chemistry, Biological Inorganic Chemistry, Biomaterial Science


Kitagawa, Susumu Professor Kitagawa, Susumu
Tanaka, Koji Professor Tanaka, Koji
Yamamoto, Takaiku Professor Yamamoto, Takaiku
Furukawa, Shuhei Associate Professor Furukawa, Shuhei
Matsuda, Ryotaro Associate Professor Matsuda, Ryotarou
Higuchi, Masakazu Assistant Professor Higuchi, Masakazu
Hosono, Nobuhiko Assisitant Professor Hosono, Nobuhiko
Kobayashi, Katsuaki Assistant Professor Kobayashi, Katsuaki
Kusaka, Shinpei Assisitant Professor Kusaka, Shimpei
Sakaguchi, Reiko Assistant Professor Sakaguchi, Reiko
Carne, Arnau Research Associate 
Chen, Wenqian Research Associate 
Du, Dongying Research Associate 
Fukushima, Takashi Research Associate 
Ghosh, Debashis Research Associate 
Hori, Akihiro Research Associate 
Horike, Nao Research Associate 
Hu, Ming Research Associate 
Kajiwara, Takashi Research Associate 
Ko, Nakeun Research Associate 
Larpent, Patrick Research Associate 
Liu, Yi Research Associate 
Nakahama, Masashi Research Associate 
Oba, Tadashi Research Associate 
Panda, Tamas Kumar Research Associate 
Sen, Susan Research Associate 
Wu, Pengyan Research Associate 
Zheng, Jiajia Research Associate 
Fujiwara, Masae Research Support Staff 
Gochomori, Mika Research Support Staff 
Hori, Naoko Research Support Staff 
Kato, Hiroe Research Support Staff 
Kim, Chiwon Research Support Staff 
Kuribayashi, Takaki Research Support Staff 
Minamida, Koji Research Support Staff 
Mine, Shuhei Research Support Staff 
Noguchi, Yukiko Research Support Staff 
Shimanaka, Nanae Research Support Staff 
Shirai, Shoko Research Support Staff 
Takayama, Yoshiyuki Research Support Staff 
Takenaka, Mayumi Research Support Staff 
Terashima, Aya Research Support Staff 
Tsuji, Yukiko Research Support Staff 
Tsunematsu, Takuya Research Support Staff 
Yabe, Asami Research Support Staff 
Yoshida, Kenji Research Support Staff 
Sekiguchi, Harumi Secretary 
Takahara, Yoko Secretary 
Yamaguchi, Kanako Secretary 
Yamashita, Kiyo Secretary  

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Research Overview

  1. Mesoscopic Coordination Chemistry: We focus on the development of new synthesis protocols of coordination materials known as PCPs/MOFs in the mesoscale (5-1000 nm) and the understanding of their unique properties. Our research is directed towards functionalizing these materials in multi-scale size domains, ranging from molecular-scale framework functionalization to manipulation of their physical form (size and morphology) in the mesoscale. The resulting new materials are further considered for microenvironmental applications, in particular, towards cell biology. By taking advantage of gas storage properties of PCPs/MOFs, our current target is to deliver bioactive gas molecules such as nitric oxide (NO) or carbon monoxide (CO) in a spatially and temporally controlled manner both in intracellular and extracellular microenvironments. Our goal is to establish gas biology using bioactive gas releasing PCPs.
  2. Gas Conversion and Energy Storage: The main research themes of our group are gas conversion and energy storage. By taking a queue from nature's strategy to store energy in the form of chemical bonds -- a process that has been refined over 3.5 billion years of evolution and is necessary for the survival of all living organisms-- our goal is to develop an artificial energy storage system. To this end, we are developing new porous materials, such as porous coordination polymers (PCPs), that have high surface tunability and are structurally diverse, for potential industrial applications. PCP catalysts offer a promising approach for utilizing materials to convert important gases used in energy storage.
  3. Gas capture and separation: We have been creating environmentally-responsive porous materials. For example, Shinpei Kusaka (Assistant Professor) Reiko Sakaguchi (Assistant Professor) 16 Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences (iCeMS), Kyoto University Nobuhiko Hosono (Assistant Professor) Katsuaki Kobayashi (Assistant Professor) photo-responsive one enables us to trap and release gas molecules when and where we want. We also successfully developed flexible crystalline porous materials for highly effective and low-energy consuming separation of gaseous molecules. We aim to solve environmetal and energy problems through the development of new porous materials useful for the capture, separation, and conversion of gas molecules that are present abundantly in atmosphere.

Kitagawa Lab Research Overview
Enlarge Image Kitagawa Lab Research Overview

Selected papers

  • H. Sato, W. Kosaka, R. Matsuda, A. Hori, Y. Hijikata, R. V. Belosludov, S. Sakaki, M. Takata, S. Kitagawa, Self-accelerating CO sorption in a soft nanoporous crystal. Science 343, 167-170 (2014).
  • Y. Sakata, S. Furukawa, M. Kondo, K. Hirai, N. Horike, Y. Takashima, H. Uehara, N. Louvain, M. Meilikhov, T. Tsuruoka, S. Isoda, W. Kosaka, O. Sakata, S. Kitagawa, Shape-memory nanopores induced in coordination frameworks by crystal downsizing. Science 339, 193-196 (2013).
  • S. Diring, D. O. Wang, C. Kim, M. Kondo, Y. Chen, S. Kitagawa, K. Kamei, S. Furukawa, Localized cell stimulation by nitric oxide using a photoactive porous coordination polymer platform. Nat. Commun. 4, 2684 (2013).
  • J. Reboul, S. Furukawa, N. Horike, M. Tsotsalas, K. Hirai, H. Uehara, M. Kondo, N. Louvain, O. Sakata, S. Kitagawa, Mesoscopic architectures of porous coordination polymers fabricated by pseudomorphic replication. Nat. Mater. 11, 717-723 (2012).
  • S. Horike, S. Shimomura, S. Kitagawa, Soft porous crystals. Nat. Chem. 1, 695-704 (2009).

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