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Science Communication


Kato, Kazuto Professor Kato, Kazuto
Kano, Kei Associate Professor Kano, Kei
Joh, Ayami Research Associate  
Mizumachi, Eri Research Associate  
Baba, Mieko Research Support Staff  
Wilson, Yoshiko Secretary  

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Research Overview

Science's rapid development and ever growing influence on society make it imperative that researchers recognize the social impact and meaning of their research, as well as actively engage with the general public. Since the Great East Japan Earthquake on 11 March, 2011, the influence of science communities on society has received attention, on the contrary, the influence of society on science communities has been growing.

Our group has been developing and evaluating three kinds of science communication activities, which we call the 3Cs (see figure). Through these, we aim to develop a teaching program for researchers to enhance science communication skills in a bid to build stronger mutual relations among researchers in different fields and between scientific communities and public, and policy makers. We also work in research and development on "Science of Science, Technology and Innovation Policy"

SCG Research Overview

3C activities Cafés: As in "science cafés". Young iCeMS researchers within engage in conversations with the public over tea and coffee in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. The science cafés are designed to improve young researchers in dialogue skills

Crosstalks: "How to challenge a new field?" "How should we collaborate with researchers in different fields or policy makers?" A young researcher of the iCeMS speaks with experts in various disciplines on their thoughts about research and science.

Classrooms: iCeMS researchers provide cutting-edge educational programs. These hands-on research seminars include both laboratory work as well as extensive group discussions.

Selected papers

  • Mizumachi, E., Matsuda, K., Kano, K., Kawakami, M., and Kato, K. Scientists' attitudes toward a dialogue with the public: a study using "science cafes", J. Science Communication 10, A02 (2011).
  • Kato, K., Kano, K. and Shirai, T. Science Communication: Significance for Genome-Based Personalized Medicine - A View from the Asia-Pacific. Curr. Pharmacogenomics Pers. Med. 8, 92-96 (2010).
  • Zarzeczny, A., Scott, C., Hyun, I., Bennett, J., Chandler, J., Chargé, S., Heine, H., Isasi, R., Kato, K., Lovell-Badge, R., McNagny, K., Pei, D., Rossant, J., Surani, A., Taylor, P. L., Ogbogu, U. and Caulfield, T. iPS Cells: Mapping the Policy Issues. Cell 139, 1032-1037 (2009).

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