WPI institutes co-host Japan-France workshop on materials science at iCeMS

11 June 2013

Kyoto University Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences (iCeMS) and three other Japanese World Premier International Research Center Initiative (WPI) institutes co-hosted the tenth annual workshop on nanomaterials between Japan and France in Kyoto. The event was the first to feature six Centres of Competence in Nanosciences (C'Nano) from France's National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) and four Japanese WPI centers (iCeMS, MANA, AIMR, and I2CNER).

Since 2000, the nanomaterials workshop has been organized by CNRS and NIMS, alternating venues between France and Japan every 18 months. The main objective of the meeting has been to exchange scientific ideas, foster inter-disciplinary collaborations, and forge new friendships between researchers from both countries. The 2013 gathering marked the first time the workshop was held at Kyoto University. About 70 participants from France and Japan attended the four-day event that featured 33 presentations by scientists from specialized backgrounds in material sciences. Eighteen of the invited speakers represented all six French C'Nano centers, while the other 15 represented the four Japanese WPI institutes.

Dr. Susumu Kitagawa (iCeMS director), Dr. Teruo Kishi (NIMS advisor), Dr. Jean Etourneau (CNRS-ICMCB/University of Bordeaux professor), and Dr. Toshio Kuroki (WPI program director and JSPS Research Center for Science Systems senior advisor) each provided opening remarks.

Dr. Kitagawa gave a warm welcome to the attendees and urged them to make the most of the meeting. "I hope that this gathering will provide a unique opportunity for interactions among researchers from all walks of the material sciences, giving participants the opportunity to exchange their expertise and share new ideas to expand the frontiers of science," Kitagawa said.

The organizers of the original workshop, Drs. Kishi and Etourneau, each gave a brief overview of how the workshop came into existence. Dr. Kishi also commented on key issues currently facing Japan, namely, the need for the country to address a shortage of materials for meeting energy demands and cutting down on the import of critical materials.

Dr. Kuroki opened his speech in French to the delight of the visiting scientists. Later, during his WPI overview presentation, he reiterated the program's objectives for advancing leading edge research, creating breakthroughs and paradigm shifts by fusing various fields of study, becoming more international, and reforming research and administration systems. He also stated that while many national excellence programs have emerged in Asia since 2006, the WPI program in Japan is notably strong and well organized.

After three days of presentations, the workshop concluded with the visiting French researchers taking a facility tour of iCeMS on the final day. The next Japan-France workshop will be held in Rennes, France with dates and details to be announced at a later time.


Day 1 (June 6th, 2013)

Speakers Titles
Susumu Kitagawa, Director, iCeMS/Kyoto University
Teruo Kishi, Advisor NIMS
Jean Etourneau, CNRS-ICMCB/University of Bordeaux
Toshio Kuroki, WPI Program Director and Senior Adviser JSPS Research Center for Science Systems
Opening remarks
Session 1: Koichiro Tanaka (chair)
Christian Joachim, CEMES-CNRS Mechanics of Molecules-machines: Wheels, Gears, Motors and Cars
Jérémy Come, CIRIMAT/University Paul Sabatier of Toulouse Nanostructured Materials for Electrochemical Energy Storage
Hiroshi Kitagawa, Graduate School of Science/Kyoto University Creation of Functional Materials on the Basis of Elemental Strategy
Program Introductions
Jean-Pierre Aimé, CNRS/University of Bordeaux C'Nano
Motoko Kotani, Director AIMR (Tohoku University)
Yoshio Bando, Chief Operating Officer CMANA (NIMS)
Kazuo Funaki, Admin Director I2CNER (Kyushu University)
Susumu Kitagawa, Director iCeMS (Kyoto University)

Day 2 (June 7th, 2013)

Session 2: Yoshio Bando (chair)
Reiko Oda, CNRS/University of Bordeaux Morphogenesis of Chiral Nano-assemblies Based on Molecular Assemblies, towards Functional Hybrid Nano Materials
Shin-ichi Orimo, AIMR/Tohoku University Hydride Researches for Energy Applications: Transition between Bonding States of Hydrogen in Hydrides
Sophie Lanone, INSERM/Créteil University Physico-chemical Determinants of Nanoparticles Toxicity
Session 3: Christian Joachim (chair)
Jean-Christophe Le Breton, CNRS/University of Rennes Electrical and Thermal Spin Injection in Semiconductors
Koichiro Tanaka, iCeMS/Kyoto University Terahertz Photonics for Material Science
Christopher Bäuerle, Institut Néel-CNRS/University Joseph Fourier Towards Quantum Optics with Single Flying Electrons
Session 4: Takayoshi Sasaki (chair)
Tomoji Kawai, ISIR/Osaka University Metal Oxide Nanowires for Resistive Switching Devices
Guy Le Lay, CNRS-CINaM/Aix-Marseille University Atomic Resolution Imaging and Dirac Fermionics of Silicene Sheets
Yoshio Bando, MANA/NIMS Boron Nitride Nanotubes/nanosheets and Composites
Nicolas Izard, CNRS-UMR/Paris-Sud University Carbon Nanotube Based Photonics
Session 5: Eric Lesniewska (chair)
Cyril Aymonier, CNRS-ICMCB/University Bordeaux Design of Advanced Nanostructured Materials Using Supercritical Fluids
Yusuke Yamauchi, MANA/NIMS Functional Inorganic Nanoporous Materials: Synthesis and Applications
Fabienne Testard, CEA-CNRS/CEA Saclay Gold nanoparticles: Investigation on Mechanism trough in situ SAXS/XANES/UV
Miho Yamauchi, I2CNER/Kyushu University Materials Development for Realization of Carbon-Neutral Energy Cycles
Sylvie Begin-Colin, CNRS/Strasbourg University Design of Functionalized Iron Oxide Nanostructures for Spintronic and Biomedical Applications

Day 3 (June 8th, 2013)

Session 6: Yusuke Yamauchi (chair)
Atsushi Takahara, I2CNER/Kyushu University Design and Physicochemical Properties of Novel (Organic/Inorganic) Hybrids from Natural Aluminosilicate Nanotubes
Jean-Pierre Aimé, IECB-CBMN CNRS/University Bordeaux BioInspired Nanotechnology & High Speed AFM Instrumentation
Takayoshi Sasaki, MANA/NIMS Extensive Swelling of Layered Metal Oxides to Produce 2D Nanosheets
Session 7: Guy Le Lay (chair)
Alain Fave, INL-CNRS/University of Lyon Nanophotonics for Light Management in Thin Film Si Solar Cells
Kazuhito Tsukagoshi, MANA/NIMS Semiconductive Property in Bilayer Graphene Modulated by Electric Field
Jerome Tignon, CNRS/University Pierre et Marie Curie Ultrafast THz Spectroscopy of Quantum Cascade Lasers
Session 8: Miho Yamauchi (chair)
Susumu Kitagawa, iCeMS/Kyoto University Porous Coordination Polymers/Metal-Organic Frameworks
Hiroshi Imahori, iCeMS/Kyoto University Photofunctional Materials for Energy and Biological Applications
Richard Mattana, CNRS/Paris-Sud University Spintronics with Small Molecules
Chihaya Adachi, I2CNER/Kyushu University Novel Organic Light Emitting Material
Session 9: Jean-Pierre Aimé (chair)
Alexis Vlandas, IEMN-CNR Hybrid Nano-devices Using Nanofabrication and DNA
Kazue Kurihara, AIMR/Tohoku University Characterization of Confined Water by Surface Forces Measurement
Vinh Le Thanh, CINaM-CNRS/Aix-Marseille University Si-based Heterostructures, Materials for Spintronics
Masatsugu Shimomura, AIMR/Tohoku University Engineering Neo-Biomimetics: Materials Engineering based on Biological Diversity and Self-Organization
Eric Lesniewska, CNRS/University of Bourgogne High-Speed Atomic Force Microscopy: Interests in Biotechnology
Opening Remarks: (Clockwise from top left) Susumu Kitagawa, iCeMS; Teruo Kishi, NIMS; Jean Etourneau, CNRS-ICMCB; and Toshio Kuroki, WPI.
Program Introductions: (Clockwise from top left) Jean-Pierre Aime (CNRS); Motoko Kotani (AIMR); Yoshio Bando (MANA/NIMS); and Kazuo Funaki (I2CNER)
Day 1 attendees of the nanomaterials workshop (Kyoto U iCeMS Main Building 2F conference room)

(From left) Dr. Hiroshi Kitagawa before his presentation; the audience reacting to Dr. Kuroki's speech

Day 1: Dr. Etourneau addressing the workshop participants

Day 2: A group shot of the nanomaterials workshop attendees

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