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iCeMS Frontrunners

Scientists running to go beyond their own wildest dreams
and be the one to find the future.

Kaoru Sugimura

Program-Specific Research Center
Associate Professor

Expressing the mysteries of nature in astonishing new ways

Associate Professor Kaoru Sugimura’s work is devoted to unraveling the mysteries of living organisms, a quest that centers on the “mechanical force in living things”, as she gleans from a wide variety of fields, including imaging technology, soft matter physics, and mathematical statistics.

First Author Interview

First authors of recently published papers tell the behind-the-scenes stories not communicated in the manuscripts.

Yu Zutao

Program-Specific Research Associate

Dr Yu is a Research Associate in the Namasivayam lab at iCeMS. His research focuses on advancing small-molecule genetic switch technology for regulation of therapeutically important genes on demand, with the ultimate goal of using this approach to treat rare diseases. Here, he constructed a new type of epigenetically active, cooperative DNA binding system encompassing key gene-regulatory factors.