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Mending hearts in three dimensions

We obtained high-quality cardiac tissue-like constructs (CTLCs) by cultivating hiPSC-CMs on aligned nanofibers made of biodegradable polymer. We show that multi-layered and elongated CMs could promptly be organized at high density along aligned nanofibers, resulting in upregulated cardiac biomarkers and enhanced cardiac functions. When used for drug assessment, CTLCs were much more robust than the 2D conventional control. We used the CTLCs to simulate the repairing of disconnected and arrhythmia CMs in vitro. When used to repair injured rat hearts, the CTLCs showed excellent operability leading to favorable heart function recovery.

Dr Li Liu and Prof Yong Chen of iCeMS, together with Prof Yoshiki Sawa of Osaka University and colleagues have developed effective and convenient Cardiac Tissue-Like Constructs (CTLCs) for repairing myocardial infarctions.

Further details are available at the following page:
Kyoto University | Mending hearts in three dimensions

Dr Li Liu (second left) explaining the research

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