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[Upcoming] Membrane Lipid Transporter Symposium 2018 —Flippases, Floppases and Scramblases

September 27-28, 2018

[NOTICE] No open events are planned for September 28th. Only the symposium on the 27th will be open to public.

iCeMS is to hold the "Membrane Lipid Transporter Symposium 2018 —Flippases, Floppases and Scramblases" as follows.

Asymmetric distribution of phospholipids across the plasma membrane and its local changes are important for cell functions. Molecular identities of lipid flippases, floppases and scramblases have been identified and their physiological roles are being revealed. Furthermore, cholesterol, another main component of the plasma membrane, is also distributed asymmetrically and its temporal regulation is important for the modulation of various cellular functions. This symposium is aiming a paradigm shift of the concept of the plasma membrane by achieving a comprehensive understanding of membrane lipid transporters such as flippases, floppases and scramblases.

Date September 27-28, 2018
Program PDF
Venue KUIAS/iCeMS Main Building 2F Seminar Room (A207)
Attendance Fee Free
Registration Not required
Language English
Host Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences (iCeMS), Kyoto University Institute for Advanced Study
Contact Prof Kazumitsu Ueda
uedak [at]

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