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Research Interest

Interfacial Dynamics, Physics of Diseases and Development

What I like about my science

The specialty of my research is "to extract quantities from extremely complex systems using quantitative tools". My challenge is to nail down the basic principles behind complex biological processes from the viewpoint of physics.

Researcher Q & A

Where are you from?

Kyoto City

Why did you become a researcher?

More than 30 years ago, my tutor was a PhD student in Chemistry (now a big professor in a Japanese University), telling me the joy of scientific research.

What is your favorite experiment, theory, device, reagent, lab equipment? Why do you like it?

X-ray and Neutron Scattering in general: I like microscopy observation where I can see dynamic phenomenon "live". I also love sitting in front of a monitor in a large facility, analyzing the detector readouts on site. I feel excited to extract something "invisible" in the form of numbers.

What is your hobby?

The Chemical History of a Candle (book) by Michael Faraday and the Origin of Life (theory) by Alexander Oparin. They were presents given to me from my tutor when I entered junior high. They became the core of my scientific profiles.

Jogging through the fields with Tito (dog). This gives me a relaxing moment. No phone calls, no e-mails...

A self-built instrument to quantify the cell adhesion strength using pressure waves generated by pico-second laser pulses, enabling 3 orders of larger throughput compared to existing technologies. This enabled us to track changes in the cell adhesion strength during the progression of diseases.