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Research Interest

Medical Physics, Soft Matter Physics
I work to measure things that seem impossible to measure, and to explain the physics of complex phenomena (for which there seems to be no rules) in numbers and formulas. For this reason, disease—a dynamic, complicated process among biological phenomena—is a major theme of my research. In particular at Kyoto University, I cooperate with clinical medicine researchers with the aim of using physics to elucidate illness.

What I like about my science

The surprise and emotion of understanding something from the viewpoint of physics

Researcher Q & A

Where are you from?

Kyoto, Japan

Why did you become a researcher?

Presents from my tutor: “Chemical History of a Candle” by Michael Faraday, “Theory of the Origin of Life” by Alexander Oparin

What is your favorite experiment, theory, device, reagent, lab equipment? Why do you like it?

Experiments at synchrotron and neutron facilities: I am excited to see data in reciprocal space (invisible) on site.

What is your hobby?

Swimming, badminton, skiing, music (violoncello)

Long walk (“Spaziergang” in German) with my dog, Tito

Beam time at European Synchrotron Radiation Facility