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  • 第212回iCeMSセミナー:Dino Di Carlo 教授

第212回iCeMSセミナー:Dino Di Carlo 教授


Dino Di Carlo 教授


Quantum Diagnostics: From Single Cells to Single Molecules

The ultimate limits of sensitivity in measuring biological systems occurs at the level of single-cells and single-molecules. I will discuss our approaches leveraging microfluidic and microfabrication technologies to interface at the scale of these single entities. In particular, we make use of the ability to compartmentalize fluid volumes to a sub-nanoliter scale and manipulate cells using unique microscale physics. I will discuss progress in using these quantized or digital measurements towards new diagnostics in monitoring immune system dysfunction, characterizing the invasive state of circulating tumor cells, and screening for drugs that modulate the contractile forces that single muscle cells apply.

日時 2018年4月3日(火)15:00〜16:30
場所 京都大学 高等研究院・iCeMS本館 2階セミナールーム (A207)
参加費 無料
事前登録 必要なし
言語 英語
主催 京都大学 高等研究院 物質-細胞統合システム拠点(iCeMS)
問い合わせ先 iCeMS 玉野井冬彦グループ
tamanoi-g [at]

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