Diversity and Inclusion

A mutually respectful environment

At iCeMS, we strive to create an inclusive environment where every member is respected. Being inclusive means that individuals and groups with different backgrounds are accepted, welcomed, and respected, regardless of their differences. We provide a place where people of different nationalities, ages, races, ethnicities, religions, genders, abilities, employment types, educational backgrounds, economic backgrounds, and family situations can thrive together.

We do not tolerate any form of hate, discrimination, or harassment, and actively work to eliminate unconscious biases. Accepting differences, treating each other with respect, cooperating, and engaging in constructive discussions lead to mutual growth and drive scientific advancement. We will continue our efforts to create an environment where all members can fully express themselves and leverage their unique strengths, working together to build a better future.

We take actions

At iCeMS, we undertake the following actions to promote inclusiveness:

D&I Committee

  • We have a specialized committee focused on promoting diversity and inclusiveness, tasked with creating an accommodating work environment for all members.

D&I Desk

  • We provide a dedicated contact point within the iCeMS community to address any concerns that might arise during your time at iCeMS.

Diversity promotion at research symposia

  • At least 20% of the speakers at symposia we host or co-host will be international, and 30% will be female.
  • We provide childcare facilities for speakers with young children.

Elimination of bias in personnel selection

  • In our recruitment of Principal Investigators (PIs), candidates must submit essays that describe their commitment to diversity, equality, and inclusiveness.
  • The selection committee will seek to eliminate unconscious biases by reviewing each step with videos and checklists.

Facilities for diverse needs

  • Babycare space: We have spaces for breastfeeding, pumping, and changing diapers.
  • Multipurpose restrooms: Restrooms that meet various needs including those requiring physical assistance are installed in both the Main Building and the Research Building. They are also equipped for diaper changing.

Enhancing internal communication

  • We maintain a transparent environment by communicating as much information as possible through member newsletters and an internal portal.
  • We facilitate communication across casual gatherings and family-inclusive events for all members.

Support for researchers from overseas

  • In collaboration with the Overseas Researchers Support Office at the Institute for Advanced Studies, we facilitate the relocation of researchers and their families to Japan by assisting with residency status, university procedures, housing, banking, and resident registration.
  • Depending on the situation, we provide various services including referrals to English-speaking hospitals, assistance with childcare and schooling, mobile phone and credit card setups, and administrative procedures related to childbirth.

Additional facilities and support

In addition to the above, iCeMS members have access to the following facilities and support provided by Kyoto University: