September 18, 2019

iCeMS Kitagawa Group Seminar: Dr Omar K. Farha


This notice is to inform you of an upcoming seminar, all researchers are welcomed to attend. No registration is required.

Dr Omar K. Farha
Department of Chemistry, Northwestern University, United States

Smart programmable sponges from basic research to commercialization
Metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) are an emerging class of solid-state materials built up from metal-based nodes and organic linkers. They exhibit permanent porosity and unprecedented surface areas which can be readily tuned through coordination chemistry at the inorganic node and/or organic chemistry at the linkers. The high porosities, tunability, and stability are highly attractive in the context of catalysis. As exemplified by many catalytic enzyme assemblies in nature, site-isolation is a powerful strategy for performing catalytic reactions. MOFs provide an exciting platform for deploying catalysts in a site-isolated fashion and the cavities surrounding them can be engineered to conceptually mimic enzymes. This talk will address new advances in the synthesis and catalytic activity of MOF/Enzyme composite materials developed at Northwestern University. Additionally, commercialization of Metal–Organic Frameworks will be discussed as well.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019, 16:00-18:00
2nd floor Seminar Room (#A207), iCeMS Main Building (#77), Kyoto University
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Host and contact
Ken-ichi Otake, Kyoto University, iCeMS
E-mail: ootake.kenichi.8a [at]