July 15, 2021

iCeMS Launches Flintbox

iCeMS is the first academic institution in Japan to integrate Wellspring’s cloud service for technology marketing.

Wellspring’s Flintbox, the world's largest innovation marketplace, which aims at furthering industry-academia collaboration, promoting research results, and creating new value in the global market, has been integrated into the iCeMS website. Flintbox is an worldwide ecosystem of businesses, universities, hospitals, government agencies, and researchers built to manage technology collaboration.

iCeMS Director Susumu Kitagawa said, “At iCeMS, along with new scientific creations, valuable intellectual properties have been born through interdisciplinary fusion. In recent years, start-ups have been founded as well to make practical use of these technologies. We hope that Flintbox will strengthen the dissemination of this latest information both domestically and internationally, and hasten the social application of the science and discoveries made at iCeMS. By connecting diverse, talented people from around the world, iCeMS will continue to fuse various scientific fields and develop innovative solutions.”

The first innovation iCeMS is sharing is “body-on-a-chip” related technology. This technology, which recreates the circulatory system and cellular functions of organs on a small resin chip in order to test medicines, is expected to be useful for not just human healthcare, but also for the preservation of endangered species. Additionally, information on start-ups that were founded based on technology created at iCeMS is also available. Kyoto University will continue to publicize its world-class technologies, research and activities through Flintbox.

iCeMS contributions to the innovation marketplace are searchable here: