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[Upcoming]ZEISS-iCeMS Innovation Core Founding Commemorative Symposium

October 28, 2019

iCeMS is to host a symposium "ZEISS-iCeMS Innovation Core Founding Commemorative Symposium" as follows.

  • Ko-ichiro Tanaka
  • (Kyoto Univ Dept of Physics / iCeMS)
  • Terahertz Imaging and Nearfield Microscopy

  • Naoki Watanabe
  • (Kyoto Univ Dept of Medicine)
  • Single-Molecule Dissection of Physico-Biochemical Coupling in Actin System

  • Ryoichiro Kageyama
  • (Kyoto Univ Inst for Frontier Life & Med Sci / iCeMS)
  • Live Imaging of Dynamic Expression of the Mouse Segmentation Clock Gene Hes7
Date October 28, 2019
Program PDF
Venue KUIAS/iCeMS Main Building 2F Seminar Room (A207)
Attendance Fee Free
Registration Not required
Language English
Kyoto University Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences
rao [at]

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