January 19, 2022

2nd WPI NanoLSI-iCeMS Joint Symposium

On January 12-13, the second WPI NanoLSI-iCeMS Joint Symposium was held online, one year after the first. The theme of this year’s symposium, “Nanometrology and Advanced Materials,” was built around taking a deep look at some common interests between the two WPI institutes. With iCeMS focus on understanding cell biology through chemistry in order to create new functional materials and NanoLSI’s focus on development of nano-probe technology for direct observation of previously unseen biological phenomena, there was a great deal to learn from each other.

The event was hosted by Kanazawa University’s Nano Life Science Institute, which was established as part of the World Premier International (WPI) Research Center Initiative in 2017. Director Takeshi Fukuma of NanoLSI and Director Susumu Kitagawa of iCeMS introduced their respective institutes. Fukuma talked about the goals of the institute, developing novel nanoprobe technologies to understand the mechanisms of living cells and cancer, as well as ways that researchers both young and experienced from outside NanoLSI could participate in their activities, from summer camp to research fellowships. A representative from WPI reminded the participants of the importance of not just forging partnerships overseas, as both institutions have done, but also sharing between WPI institutes.

The first session on Day one, “Supramolecular and Materials Chemistry”, featured Dr Tatsuya Nishimura and Dr Yoko Sakata (NanoLSI), and Dr Andrew Gibbons, Dr Ken-ichi Otake and Dr Satoshi Horike (iCeMS). The second on Day one and the session on Day two shifted the focus to “Nanometrology and Imaging” and featured Dr Kazuki Miyata, Dr Kenichi Umeda, Dr Yanjun Zhang, and Dr Takashi Sumikawa (NanoLSI), and Dr Tomoko Inose, Dr Kunihisa Sugimoto, and Dr Yuichi Taniguchi (iCeMS). The in-depth presentations allowed the researchers to showcase their recent research and were followed up with a question-and-answer period. Each day finished with round table discussions, where people could follow up on questions or delve further into possibilities of future collaborations.

Dr Aiko Fukazawa closed the meeting for iCeMS saying, “understanding each other’s research interests and strengths are the first steps in triggering collaborative research.” Dr Tomoki Ogoshi (NanoLSI) said, “Now we have a good motivation to begin collaboration and we looked forward to being able to meet in person.” There are plans for a future event between the institutes to be held in May or June this year.

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