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State-of-the-art imaging technology meets the physics of life

Ours is a discipline that attempts to understand the physical principles of life. We glean insights and devise methods from an integrated study of cells and materials.

Everything obeys physical and chemical laws, and living things are no exception. Electricity governs how neurons receive, process, and transmit information. Mechanics underlies the growth and form of all biological structures from microscopic membranes to giant mammoths. Probing physics and chemistry inside a cell requires truly interdisciplinary technology.

iCeMS biophysicists are developing the world's leading imaging and measurement methods, yet we go beyond quantification. Using our own unique set of tools we seek to unlock life’s most fascinating secrets, such as how molecules ‘kiss and run’ to magically transform chemical reactions into life, and how cells within all living creatures perform microscopic ‘Judo’ to build the beautiful patterns and structures of our World.