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Tissue Engineering

Nanostructures to save lives

In the United States alone, around 30,000 people a year receive organ transplants. They are the lucky ones. 22 people in that nation die every day through the shortage of donated organs. Extrapolate those figures worldwide and it is clear that there is an urgent need for a safe, cost-effective, viable alternative to transplantation. If only we could create replacement organs, run off hearts, kidneys, livers, and lungs with the ease that we produce our clothes, cars and sewing machines.

‘Tissue’ comes from an old French word tissu, meaning ‘a band of woven material’ which itself derives from the Latin word texere‘to weave or make’. Artificially creating the material that nature so magically weaves, however, is a phenomenally complex task. So we came up with a revolutionary new approach.

Cells, like humans, need a safe and comfortable environment in which to flourish. At iCeMS our world-class team of bio-engineers and stem-cell specialists develop cutting-edge cell-inspired materials and sophisticated nano-machinery to build perfect ‘safe havens’ in which cell tissue can grow. It works. The resultant artificial mini-organs are a truly exciting development for modern medicinal science.

We are confident our groundbreaking approach will lead to the development of new treatments and new drugs, and bring us even closer to a world where artificial organs, not life-threatening surgery, are as common as the clothes we wear.