Associate Professor / PI / PI Board Chair

Ken-ichiro Kamei Ken-ichiro Kamei

Research Interest

Microengineering, Stem Cell Research

My research goal is to re-create a human body within a single device, named the “Body on a Chip.” This will enable the rebuilding of the physiological and pathological conditions of the human body in vitro, and would be a powerful tool for studying fundamental biological systems. It would also be useful in pre-clinical trials for drug development and screening by integrating iPS-cell and microfabrication technology.

What I like about my science

I'm an engineer working on developing a device to handle “tiny” things, such as cells. My research interest is “Can we make a ‘miniaturized human’ like Gundam models by using cells?”

Researcher Q & A

Where are you from?

Higashi-Murayama, Tokyo (one of the most famous Japanese comedians grew up in this city)

Why did you become a researcher?

Since I was a kid, I loved building things like Gundam plastic models. Hence, I became an engineering researcher.

What is your favorite experiment, theory, device, reagent, lab equipment? Why do you like it?

I like the solenoid valve used for controlling a microfluidic device. The sound the valves make when opening and closing reminds me that indeed I am “engineering”.

What is your hobby?

I like scuba diving. It opened me up to a new world. It is also fun to meet creatures which we cannot see on land.

Playing with a rhino!
We recreate a variety of phenomena related to living organism on this tiny chip.


Ken-ichiro Kamei  Associate Professor / PI / PI Board Chair
Satoshi Imamura  Program-Specific Researcher
Shiho Terada  Researcher (Part-Time)






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