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iCeMS Frontrunners

Scientists running to go beyond their own wildest dreams and be the one to find the future.

  • Susumu Kitagawa

    Director of iCeMS

    Potential for a New Kind of “Empty Space”

    Susumu Kitagawa opened a new frontier in materials science with the development of next-generation porous materials. He was seen as a maverick when he first published his work, but on a hunch, he took a new direction that interested him, and he found a gold mine.

  • Mineko Kengaku


    Pursuing the unelucidated structure of beauty

    Professor Kengaku seeks to understand the mechanism behind how the brain is constructed by studying the dynamic movement of developing neurons.

  • Satoshi Horike

    Associate Professor

    Opening up the future of materials science

    Associate Professor Satoshi Horike develops new materials, which mix the positive qualities of both organic and inorganic materials, an effort that will revolutionize energy and the devices around us.

  • Jun Suzuki


    Observing cell function to research the truth

    “My research investigates on biological phenomenon at the cellular level to find mechanisms. I was so happy when I found out how cell functions were regulated...” Suzuki talked cheerfully, looking like a child finding a new game.

  • Kouichi Hasegawa

    Program-Specific Research Center
    Junior Associate Professor

    Focus on your interests to lead the way

    “Why do animals look so different from each other?” Driven by curiosity, Hasegawa investigates the mystery of animal body formation through stem cells.

  • Daniel Packwood

    Junior Associate Professor

    Towards ultra-thin wires using mathematical models

    Daniel Packwood has successfully developed such synthesis methods by utilizing theoretical chemistry that explain intricate molecular actions with mathematical models.

  • Dan Ohtan Wang

    iCeMS Kyoto Fellow, Assistant Professor

    “Reversing the brain damage”
    to treat mental diseases

    As Wang talks about the inner working of the brain, her eyes light up. “The human memory is a big mystery. The experiences and knowledge we accumulate as we age eventually shape us as individuals distinct from one another.”