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第15回 iCeMSラーニングラウンジ:堀毛 悟史 + Partha Chowdhury



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堀毛 悟史(ほりけ・さとし)iCeMS 准教授

Nano-windmill for high-performance batteries

High-performance batteries will allow for major technological innovations. In order to achieve high-performance batteries, we are trying to control the nano-scale motion of charge in materials. In this talk, I will describe a nano-scale 'windmill' which can control the motion of charge with high precision.

Partha Chowdhury(パーサ・チョウドリー)さん
京都大学大学院 医学研究科 免疫ゲノム医学講座

Fighting cancer by unleashing immunity

Fight against cancer, the king of all maladies has been going on for several centuries and the conventional approaches often fail and lead to unforeseen side effects. One way to tackle this issue is to gain a deeper understanding of our immune system and unleash their power to kill the cancer cells with higher strike rate. Join us to know the progress of cancer vs immunity battle.

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使用言語 英語
日時 2017年11月16日(木)14:00-15:30
場所 京都大学 iCeMS 本館(#77)2階 セミナールーム (A207)
申し込み 参加登録はこちらから: 参加登録フォーム
連絡先 高等研究院等事務部 国際企画・広報掛 | ias-oappr [at]
主催 京都大学 物質-細胞統合システム拠点(iCeMS=アイセムス)

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