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ILAS Seminars

ILAS Seminar
“Lonely Planet - Across Multidisciplinary Science”

The Institute for Liberal Arts and Sciences (ILAS) provides undergraduate education programs in Kyoto University. ILAS seminars are small-group interactive courses for first-year students designed to broaden perspectives for humanity, society, and nature.

What is DNA? How is energy produced? How did we evolve? These are some of the questions that members of iCeMS discuss with young minds at an ILAS seminar, entitled “When Chemistry Meets Cell Biology”. Taught by Drs Shuhei Furukawa, Masakazu Higuchi, Kazuto Fujishima, and Kaoru Sugimura, the course adopts an active learning approach; first, faculty members briefly explain a given topic in terms of biology or chemistry. For example, the biology faculty talks about Darwin, then the chemistry faculty the Origin of Life. Followed by a group discussion, students give a chalk talk based on the format of a scientific paper illustrating their research plan for the given topic.

This course aims to help first-year undergraduate students develop skills to construct a scientific argument based on a multidisciplinary perspective, ensuring that our future scientists are well-equipped in developing innovative solutions to our global challenges.