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The iCeMS community of researchers and staff dedicate their efforts to solving the enigma of life and creating life-inspired new materials. We need your creative ideas to help light our future.

Students in the master’s and doctoral programs can also participate in our activities. If you are interested in joining us, please contact the laboratory of your choice directly.

Position openings

iCeMS accepts students

Postgraduate (master's and doctoral) studesnts

iCeMS accepts postgraduate students through Graduate School of Engineering and Graduate School of Biostudies of Kyoto University. You need to pass the entrance examination of the following graduate schools if you wish to join iCeMS as a postgraduate student.

Courses and faculty members

Division Course Research area Faculty member contact
Graduate School of
Department of Molecular Engineering Molecular Materials Science Porous Physical Chemistry Easan Sivaniah Mail
Behnam Ghalei Mail
Ganesh Pandian Namasivayam Mail
Masateru Ito Mail
Department of Energy and Hydrocarbon Chemistry Organic Functional Chemistry Aiko Fukazawa
Department of Synthetic Chemistry and Biological Chemistry Reaction Biological Chemistry Molecular Assembly Chemistry Shuhei Furukawa Mail
Satoshi Horike
Graduate School of
Division of Integrated Life Science Molecular and Developmental Biology Laboratory of Developmental Neurobiology Mineko Kengaku Mail
Laboratory of Biochemical Cell Dynamics Jun Suzuki Mail
Laboratory of Multi-disciplinary Biology Yuichi Taniguchi Mail