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About iCeMS

Inspiring Creativity

At iCeMS we believe, as scientists, we live in exciting times. Time to discover, time to create, together.

Our mission is to explore the secrets of life by creating compounds to control cells, and further down the road to create life-inspired super materials that confront the myriad problems that afflict modern society.

Our approach is radical and new. At iCeMS we are not simply rewriting the rule-book, we are throwing it out of the window. Global warming. Pollution. Disease. Aging. These major concerns can no longer be countered by traditional single discipline-based research. Innovative solutions to the most pressing scientific and societal challenges of our time demand we adopt a multi-disciplinary, syncretic approach. Thus at iCeMS cell biologists, biophysicists, chemists, material scientists, physicists, and bioengineers share ideas and work together to devise new ways to integrate cells and materials, all for the greater good. Inspiration through collaboration.

The wider scientific community is slowly awakening to multi-disciplinary research, christening it ‘convergence’ and heralding it as the next revolution in science. We have been ‘convergent’ for nearly a decade. Results have been impressive. In our relatively short life iCeMS’ collaborative research has resulted in a number of significant cutting-edge scientific discoveries, and the creation of over 1500 unique materials. And yes, we have a Nobel laureate too.

Not that anyone at iCeMS intends to rest on our laurels. In the years to come we strive to even greater levels of scientific excellence. Simultaneously we will leverage our critical mass of scientific and technological knowledge into purposeful, transformative innovations for the practical benefit of society.