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New Scientists for a New Paradigm

Humans are born with boundless curiosity. As young children we embrace learning with a passion, and without prejudice: language, mathematics, science, music, art are equal. When the world is new, we embrace it all.

Then along comes education, and with that comes specialization. The journey from junior-high to high school to University to graduate school to doctorate is one of never-ending sharpening of focus and narrowing of horizons. It is like a pyramid. Ironically, the ‘smarter’ we get, the higher up the pyramid we climb, the more we know about less and less.

It doesn’t have to be this way. From Aristotle to Francis Crick from Shakespeare to Steve Jobs, the world has been shaped by visionaries who dared to think broadly, brilliantly, differently. iCeMS is actively seeking imaginative, bold, innovative scientists willing to think outside conventional patterns of learning and discovery, and who are excited by our pioneering cross-disciplinary approach.

The age of the blinkered specialist is behind us. It is time for a paradigm shift in how we conduct science. Time to think differently. Time to change. Time to join iCeMS.