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From Kyoto to the World: Our Creation, Our Innovation

The value of scientific breakthrough lies not merely in novelty, but in the transformative power that it may exert upon society. Think Darwin, Newton, penicillin, the silicon chip. New discoveries drive societal change. In order for this to happen scientific knowledge must be ' translated ' into the innovative and creative tools, devices and products that humanity requires for advancement. Thus, in a key sense, science needs industry and commerce just as industry and commerce need science.

Today the symbiotic relationship described as translation takes many forms, from patent applications and their global licensing, to the birth of innovative start-up companies and collaboration with high-tech and mass industry and business. iCeMS is vigorously involved in all these areas.

Patent applications arising from iCeMS research currently number 65, involving fields as diverse as food, machinery and electronics, organic materials, and medicine. It is a global, collaborative enterprise. For example, doctors as far apart as the USA, India, Japan and Australia are combining strengths to fight pancreatic cancer using iCeMS's unique science

Working closely with the Office of Society-Academia Collaboration for Innovation (SACI), Kyoto University, and Kansai Trade License Office (TLO), iCeMS strives to get science out of the laboratory and into daily lives worldwide.

Product examples: