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iCeMS Caravan visits Osaka Jogakuin High School

On March 9, iCeMS researchers visited a girls’ school called Osaka Jogakuin High School as “iCeMS Caravan”. In this project, iCeMS scientists deliver their original active-learning program to high schools.

In this 9th visit of the Caravan, four scientists including Drs Ken-ichiro Kamei (engineer), Monamie Ringhofer (ethologist, KUIAS), Shuhei Furukawa (chemist), and Yousuke Katsuda (chemical biologist) gave lectures under the theme of DNA from the perspective of each area of specialization. Working in groups of five, students organized the information they had just learned through the lectures, they then brainstormed their own original ideas. At the end of the day each group gave a presentation in front of all other participants, using the format of scientific paper, and tried to convince how new and interesting their ideas are.

This was the Caravan’s first visit to girls’ school. The room was filled with screeches of excitement during the icebreaker game, but once the lecture part began the students started to listen earnestly. “Interestingly,” Furukawa said, “during the discussion time the students were shrieking with laughter, but the conversations I heard there were all scientific and creative. They were enjoying discussions very cheerfully and that impressed me so much.”

Students commented on the event, saying: “The lectures were so interesting that the time passed very quickly.” “I learned so many new words and I racked my brain, and that was even fun.” “I didn’t have to hesitate to speak out in the very free atmosphere, and it was pleasant thinking and trying together with other classmates.”

iCeMS Caravan (In Japanese)
Osaka Jogakuin Junior and Senior High School (In Japanese)

  • Students playing the icebreaker game
  • The huge art paper was filled with notes of the lectures
  • Students organizing information they learned from the lecture
  • Students having discussion to prepare their presentation
  • Students giving a presentation
  • Lecturers: (clockwise from top left) Kamei, Ringhofer, Katsuda, Furukawa

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