"From Startups Towards Solving Social Challenges"

We believe that the basic science at iCeMS contributes to the health of both people and the earth. So far, the PIs affiliated with iCeMS have founded ten startups based on their research achievements, each now conducting its own business. Drawing on these experiences, we are facilitating the creation of new startups through the support of experts in the Venture Studio to apply basic science socially. This approach enables researchers to focus on original basic research while quickly translating their findings into societal benefits.

Furthermore, by collaborating with the industrial sector and setting up Project Units, we propose fundamental solutions by approaching social issues more deeply. iCeMS is advancing these initiatives as part of university reform, enhancing traditional academia-industry collaborations, and forging paths to contribute to society through science and technology.

Venture Companies initiated by the iCeMS researchers

 Atomis Inc.
In addition to material design and mass production of Porous Coordination Polymers (PCP/MOF), Atomis is developing the next-generation high pressure gas cylinder “CubiTan” as a unique application of their technology.
 OOYOO Co.,Ltd.
OOYOO core competency is the production of high performance membranes that can produce high concentrations of carbon dioxide from weak sources. Its competitive edge is to offer production costs that are up to a half of its closest competitor, making it highly suitable for lowering the cost carbon capture. Implemented at a planetary level, OOYOO technology will remove half of the man-made annual CO2 emissions for a 1/10th of the price of conventional technology.
 ReguGene Co.,Ltd.
ReguGene Co. Ltd is a pharmaceutical venture company that develops cell permeable, selective DNA targeting pyrrole-imidazole polyamides (PIPs) as designer therapeutic drugs.
ReguGene envisions to supply future medicines for intractable and rare diseases.
 FGH BioTech, Inc.
FGH BioTech is committed to developing small molecule drugs For Good Health that regulate SREBP transcription factors and related pathways for the prevention and treatment of metabolic diseases and cancer.
Our mission is driven by over 60 years of groundbreaking discoveries in fat and energy metabolism by our company’s founders.