Small Molecule Lab

The Small Molecule Lab (Smolab) is a partnership between iCeMS and the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), Claude Bernard University Lyon 1, the National Chemical Engineering Institute in Paris, Paris Sciences & Lettres Research University, and Air Liquide SA under the frame or CNRS International Research Project (IRP). IRP-Smolab aims to advance the development and application of soft porous materials, thanks to the complementarity and the synergies between the competences of the different partners involved in the project. Japanese and French specialists in the fields of porous materials, catalysis, molecular simulations/modeling and gas separation actively participate in research at IRP-Smolab.




Postdoctoral researcher at iCeMS

Alexandre Legrand

Porous materials synthesis

Research associate at IRCELYON

Aude Demessence

Material engineering for ellectronic device

Research associate at IRCELYON

Jerome Canivet

Material engineering for catalysis

Research director at IRCELYON

David Farruseng

Material engineering for catalysis

Research director at IRCP-PSL University

Francois-Xavier Coudert

Molecular simulation


IRCELYON: 2 Av. Albert Einstein, 69626 Villeurbanne, France / iCeMS:Yoshidahonmachi, Sakyo Ward, 606-8501 Kyoto, Japan / IRCP: UMR 8247 (CNRS – Chimie ParisTech) 11 rue Pierre et Marie Curie, 75231 Paris Cedex 05, France / Air liquid laboratories: 2-2 Hikarinooka, Yokosuka, 239-0847 Kanagawa, Japan