January 21, 2021

The iCeMS Daily Photo Contest 2020 winners

The iCeMS Daily Photo Contest invites the iCeMS members to submit photos of their daily lives, from research-related photos such as micrographs to everyday scenes in the lab. The 2020 contest had 15 entries, and the grand prize was decided by voting from iCeMS members. Here are the top five entries.

Grand Prix

Moving from darkness to light | Kandarp Joshi (Ohtan Lab)
This photo represents life of a researcher. Researchers constant striving to move from darkness to light. It also shows how a committed researcher is least bothered about the time of the day and goes all out to discover something new. Lastly this photo represents the iCeMS buildings during different times of the day.
Excellence Award

Clock tower at Momiji | Mohana Shivanna (Kitagawa Lab)
Example for real beauty of nature. Clock tower at Kyoto University main building covered with momiji leaf.
Excellence Award

"The balance of research and life: “鸭川” river‘s Sunday afternoon | Ming-Shui Yao (Kitagawa Lab)
The balance of research and life: “鸭川” river‘s Sunday afternoon.
Excellence Award

Coronavirus conference | Mickaële Bonneau (Kitagawa Lab)
Better to have a big room during the pandemic
Excellence Award

Gate-Opening of Soft material Mouth | Susumu Kitagawa (Kitagawa Lab)
I was invited as a plenary speaker in the 2019 International Conference on Nanospace Materials (ICNM2019) at The University of Queensland in Australia. When I was walking around the campus of this university, a bird on the shore of a pond was trying to catch and swallow a large fish. I was impressed by the fact that this was a macroscopic version of my research in the chemistry of soft porous materials (called flexible PCPs or MOFs), which have gate-opening capabilities and can take in a variety of gases. "Hey, good luck swallowing it!"