April 18, 2017

Dr Shuhei Furukawa awarded Young Scientists’ Prize for Science and Technology by MEXT

Dr Furukawa

The Japanese science ministry (MEXT) has chosen Associate Professor Shuhei Furukawa of iCeMS for this year's Commendation for Science and Technology Prize.

He is awarded for his studies on "Structural Control of Coordination Polymers at the Mesoscale". He established the synthetic protocols of coordination polymers, polymeric compound assembled from metal ion with organic linkers, at the mesoscale (the size range between a few tens of nanometer to a micrometer) by controlling the dynamics of molecular assembling process at crystal interfaces. These results are expected to lead to the applications in cell biology such as a new chemical tool to investigate secrets of life and a drug cargo to deliver bioactive molecules inside the body.

Furukawa received the prize under the category of "The Young Scientists' Prize", which is given to scientists who show remarkably high capacity for research and development.

The awards ceremony will be held on April 19, 2015 at the MEXT in Tokyo.

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