January 29, 2020

iCeMS and Kanazawa WPI NanoLSI co-host their first joint symposium

On January 23-24, iCeMS and Kanazawa University's WPI research center Nano Life Science Institute (NanoLSI) together held the "1st WPI NanoLSI-iCeMS Joint Symposium on Nanoimaging and Advanced Materials for Life Science"

This symposium was held aiming to enhance collaboration between the two institutes to accelerate life science utilizing imaging technology and materials science.

The first day of the symposium started with the remarks by a WPI Program Officer Prof Akihiko Nakano and a WPI Academy Officer Prof Toru Nakano. Then iCeMS director Prof Susumu Kitagawa and NanoLSI director Prof Takeshi Fukuma gave explanations on their institutes.

Then two plenary sessions followed on the themes of "Sharing Secrets of Life (Cell biology, medical biology)" and "Advanced Imaging for Life Science (Biophysics, imaging technologies)". Eight scientists presented their latest research and lively discussions took place after each presentation.

A poster session was also held on the day. Twenty researchers and students first gave 1-minute presentations in the auditorium, and then they went out to the exhibition hall to explain further details standing at each poster.

On the second day of the symposium, another scientific session was held to discuss "Smart Materials/Compounds for Life Science (Chemistry, materials science)", and four researchers gave presentations.

The two-day event gathered about a hundred scientists from Kyoto and Kanazawa. At the opening of the event, Dr Shuhei Furukawa of iCeMS, one of the two organising chairs of the event said "This will be a great opportunity for both of us to open up possibilities of new collaborations" while Prof Tomoki Ogoshi of NanoLSI, the other chair, concluded the symposium by saying "We should definitely make this event into a series, so I will see you all in our second joint symposium, in the not so far future".

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Kanazawa Univeristy NanoLSI

The organizing chairs Dr Furukawa (right) and Prof Ogoshi
(From left) Profs Akihiko Nakano, Toru Nakano, Kitagawa, Fukuma
The auditorium was full of enthusiastic audience
The poster session
The participants kept discussing possibilities of collaboration during the banquet