January 24, 2022

The iCeMS Daily Photo Contest 2021 winners

The iCeMS Daily Photo Contest invites the iCeMS members to submit photos of their daily lives, from research-related photos such as micrographs to everyday scenes in the lab. The 2021 contest had 20 entries, and the grand prize was decided by voting from iCeMS members. Here are the top six entries.

Grand Prix

Aka-chan and general relativity theory | Mingshui Yao (Kitagawa Lab)
Chemiko-chan (研美子, the nickname), the 6-month-old baby girl, is reading the book introducing general relativity theory. Who can read such a complicated theory younger than me? Please challenge me.

Excellence Award

Hydrophobic iCeMS | Andrew Gibbons (Sivaniah Lab)
'iCeMS' was painted on a glass slide with a hydrophobic coating. Drops of food dye in water reveal the coating.
conc. 2021 | Junichi Usuba (Fukazawa Lab)
This photo was taken from the Fukasawa Group's laboratory on January 1, 2021. Collaboration between First Sunrise and Rotary Evaporator.
Ferdous | Kandarp Joshi (Namasivayam Lab)
The word Ferdous means paradise or garden. This photo is of Mount Yoshino-yama taken at the peak of spring 2021. The mountain in full sakura bloom feels like paradise.
Student working in the lab | Andrew Gibbons (Sivaniah Lab)
Towards the end of the day, our new student Habib is preparing samples for spin coating.
Stem Cell Art | Soumya Sethi (Sugiyama Lab)
Mechanoregulation of Mesenchymal Stem Cell morphology on a DNA based Scaffold. Unique arrangement of nanocues on the DNA scaffold material resulted in the formation of a beautiful star shaped morphology of the mesenchymal stem cell. Confocal Microscope image. Stained: F-actin and nucleus