July 13, 2022

iDM workshop 2 – Integrated Data-Material Sciences: What, Why, and How?


On July 6, iCeMS On-site laboratory, the Center for Integrated Data-Material Sciences (iDM) held its second online workshop and mixer. The iDM is a collaboration between iCeMS and the MacDiarmid Institute (New Zealand) formalized last year, which aims to use data science to drive new material design for the environment, energy, and medicine.

Dr Daniel Packwood, who co-directs the iDM with Prof Aiko Fukazawa, said one goal of the iDM was to, “Act as a hub within Kyoto University and the MacDiarmid Institute to promote brain circulation with a core of data science.” He brought together four speakers to offer a range of perspectives as the iDM tries to shape its future projects by identifying what a data science core means to a wide variety of stakeholders and how the institute can best serve them.

Dr Matt Cowan (University of Canterbury), Dr Chayanit “First” Wechwithayakhlung (iCeMS), Dr Masae Ohno (iCeMS), and Prof Shuhei Furukawa (iCeMS) shared their experiences using data science in their research as well as the obstacles they have overcome and barriers that they face in terms of a broader integration. The discussion produced more questions than answers, which seemed quite welcome at this stage, and included an open solicitation for workshop topics that members would like to see offered which could broaden the base of collective understanding. The iDM expects to hold their next workshop next month.