January 30, 2023

The iCeMS Daily Photo Contest 2022 winners

The iCeMS Daily Photo Contest invites the iCeMS members to submit photos of their daily lives, from research-related photos such as micrographs to everyday scenes in the lab. The 2022 contest had 12 entries, and the grand prize was decided by voting from iCeMS members. Here are the top three entries.

Grand Prix

iPSC Heart ❤️ | Fatemeh Etezadi (Packwood Lab)
In this SEM image, the hiPSC nucleus randomly looks like a heart symbol ❤️.

Excellence Award

The Cell Smile 🙂. | Fatemeh Etezadi (Packwood Lab)
The nucleus of heart cells is like a smiling face 🙂.
Let there be light - Illumination of Medaka fish with a hybrid fluorescent nanomaterial | Chinnathambi Shanmugavel (Namasivayam Lab)
The new year is the season when the world is illuminated with hope for a safe and better future. In this photo, we use a hybrid fluorescent nanomaterial to illuminate a medaka fish with a safe method for performing research related to healthcare.