July 12, 2023

National Taiwan University, College of Management visits iCeMS

On June 26, Shing-Yang Hu, Dean, Department of Finance, College of Management led a delegation to iCeMS from National Taiwan University (NTU). iCeMS often brings together scientists and medical professionals from all over the world to exchange research and ideas. This visit marked a shift in focus from most of the discussions that iCeMS hosts. The NTU delegation included Ming-Huei Hsieh, Bing-Yu Chen, Audrey Hsu, Luo Lu, Chen-En Ko, Jeff Chen, and Anna Lee, finance, business, and design professionals who were able to offer new perspectives on how to bring iCeMS research back to society through practical application, one of iCeMS long standing goals.

Jun Suzuki who organized and opened the meeting, introduced iCeMS and its redefined vision, as well as the On-site Laboratory program, focusing on the Center for Integrated Biosystems at Academia Sinica and the iCeMS Taiwan Office, which grew out of Suzuki’s relationship with Jeff Chen. The two collaborations continue to connect Kyoto University with Industry, Academia, and Government in Taiwan.

The discussion highlighted the work of iCeMS Research Administration Department’s (RAD) Innovation Design Unit. The RAD, represented by Kazumitsu Ueda, Hiroyuki Takigawa and Masakazu Higuchi, supports patent acquisition, the creation of start-up ventures, and efficient acquisition of research funding so that the scientists at iCeMS can focus on their research.

Chieh-Yi Lai of Kyoto University's Office of Society-Academia Collaboration for Innovation (SACI) and Osami Kohno of Kyoto University Innovation Capital Co., Ltd. (iCAP), presented support services available for business ventures promoting innovation at the university.

After iCeMS, SACI and iCAPS shared their resources and questions, representatives from NTU gave an overview of the master’s and non-degree programs offered at the university and then were able to offer unique insights and offer a wide variety of ideas which addressed iCeMS questions and knowledge gaps. The light-hearted discussion seemed to be enjoyed by all and gave participants much to think about outside their usual spheres.