September 22, 2023

Shanghai Jiao Tong University Students Conclude iCeMS Internship

Shanghai interns were joined by mentors and supporters after their final presentations

On September 15, students from Shanghai Jiao Tong University concluded their internships by sharing their research presentations in the seminar room at iCeMS. iCeMS has been expanding its internship offerings and this is the first year iCeMS has worked with students from Jiao Tong University.

Three students, Yujie Chen, Zhihnag Deng, and Hongyu Wei, spent almost two months summer interning with the Namasivayam and Fujita Groups. Their presentations summarized their research into gene therapy for osteoarthritis and creating 2D sheets from 3D DNA nanostructures. The internship presentations are a way for interns to share their experience and gain feedback from their peers and mentors at iCeMS.

We wish interns the best in their future research and hope they will return to Kyoto University to pursue their graduate studies.