October 25, 2023

CRNS-IRP Smolab Symposium Draws Big Crowd

Speaker and participants at the CNRS-IRP Smolab Symposium 2023

On October 23, the CNRS-IRP Small Molecule Lab (Smolab), a partnership between iCeMS and the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), Claude Bernard University Lyon 1, the National Chemical Engineering Institute in Paris, Paris Sciences & Lettres Research University, and Air Liquide SA under the frame or CNRS International Research Project (IRP), held a symposium in the packed iCeMS seminar room. Smolab Director Shuhei Furukawa (iCeMS) welcomed guests to the event held to “kick off the second season” of the Smolab (2023 – 2027). Launched in 2019, the Smolab was formed to capitalize on the institutions’ complementary strengths to develop soft porous crystals and gels, and nanoporous glass.

The symposium brought together chemists and chemical engineers from Japan and France who shared their recent research into various aspects of porous coordination polymers for use in gas separation, energy storage, and catalysis among other areas: Smolab Director David Farrusseng (IRCELYON), Jerome Canivet (IRCELYON), Ken-Ichi Otake (Kyoto University), Aude Demessence (IRCELYON), Daisuke Tanaka (Kwansei Gakuin University), Cecile Daniel (IRCELYON), Phitchayapha Phattharaphuti (Kyoto University), Alexandre Legrand (UCCS Lille), and Yongsheng Wei (Kyoto University). Kenji Sumisa, Chief Science Officer and Head of International Business Development, Atomis Inc., spoke about his company’s work "developing science beyond the lab bench”. Atomis, an iCeMS related startup, focuses on the development of MOFs as customizable adsorbant materials.

Distinguished Prof Susumu Kitagawa closed the event saying, “In the first stage each side has its own seeds to grow. They want to compare their plants and this competition expands the science. We are now starting the second stage. Now we can have a kind of collaboration and make a hybrid plant.” He also noted that the collaboration of fundamental science and engineering is essential in returning research results back to society and encouraged young participants to make contact with any of the researchers who presented.

Phitchayapha Phattharaphuti (Kyoto University)
Alexandre Legrand (UCCS Lille) takes questions from Prof Kitagawa
Smolab Director David Farrusseng (IRCELYON) takes a questions from Co-Director Furukawa