February 1, 2024

The iCeMS Daily Photo Contest 2023 winners

The iCeMS Daily Photo Contest invites the iCeMS members to submit photos of their daily lives, from research-related photos such as micrographs to everyday scenes in the lab. The 2023 contest had 9 entries, and the grand prize was decided by voting from iCeMS members. Here are the top two entries.

Excellence Award

Red fluorescence from green moss 緑色のこけは赤色で光る | Sooyeon Kim (Taniguchi Lab)
The moss sample, kindly presented by our B1 student, exhibited NIR emission upon 647-nm excitation, imaged by an EMCCD camera. It was surprising to see how much moss cells are fully filled by chlorophyll.
色の記録 | 鍬田梨衣奈 (Fukazawa Lab)