November 29, 2016

iCeMS to start joint study with Air Liquide and Nagoya University

Director Kitagawa

Susumu Kitagawa, the iCeMS Director, and Ryotaro Matsuda, formerly Associate Professor of iCeMS and currently Professor of Nagoya University, won the contest “Air Liquide Essential Molecules Challenge” for their project on designing nanoporous materials to carry small molecules.

Currently, when gas is stored and carried, it needs to be either high-pressured or at a very low temperature. This requires a huge energy, which may cause even an unexpected risk. The awarded project is about developing new porous—or soft solid—materials for easier handling of the gases under a lower pressure and a room temperature. If new materials enable us to carry the gases safely and easily, for instance in the situation of medical use, this will make our life at home more convenient.

For the first edition of the challenge, Air Liquide, the French company and world's largest supplier of industrial gases, selected Kitagawa and Matsuda’s Project as one in three from a total of 130 scientific proposals submitted by academic teams, R&D departments, and start-ups from 25 countries.

For each subject, the winners will receive a scientific award of 50,000 euros in recognition of the originality of these projects, which offer innovative solutions promoting the energy and environmental transition. Air Liquide will also further fund up to 1.5 million euros in collaborations with the winners to mature their scientific proposals and transform them into innovative market technologies.

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