Distinguished Professor / PI / Director


Research Interest

Inorganic Chemistry; Chemistry of Coordination Space

Synthesis and Properties of Porous Coordination Polymers / Metal-Organic Frameworks for understanding and controlling the role of nanospace.

What I like about my science

Creating any nanoscale network structures ad arbitrium.

Researcher Q & A

Where are you from?

Kyoto city

Why did you become a researcher?

I chose chemistry as a career because … chemists understand the difference between ethanol and methanol.

What is your favorite experiment, theory, device, reagent, lab equipment? Why do you like it?

Experiment: Crystallization of metal complexes; it makes a start for our chemistry.
Theory: Frontier orbital theory; it gives a guideline for synthetic chemists.
Instrument: Solid State NMR; we can observe spectrum without any treatments.

What is your hobby?

Detective and police fiction novels: I can be a detective in the fictive world.
Kabuki and Super Kabuki: representation of human nature is fantastic.
European thriller movies: I quickly become entranced in the story.

Wine-tasting in a winery in Katsunuma, which is the best place to produce excellent white wines in Japan.
Organic molecules and metal ions provide a wide variety of networks having nanospaces, which have great potential in applications for our imminent environment as well as a wide variety of fields, such as the global environment, resources, outer space, life, and energy, suggesting that porous materials are extremely valuable both scientifically and industrially.


Susumu Kitagawa  Distinguished Professor / PI / Director
Koji Tanaka  Specially Appointed Professor
Kohei Kusada  The Hakubi Project Program-Specific Associate Professor
Ken-ichi Otake  Program-Specific Assistant Professor
Ping Wang  Program-Specific Research Associate
Mingshui Yao  Program-Specific Research Associate
Cheng Gu  International Guest Scholar
Yan Su  International Guest Research Associate
Mohana Shivanna  JSPS Foreign Research Fellow
Ziqian Xue  JSPS Foreign Research Fellow
Takashi Kajiwara  Visiting Assistant Professor
Christophe Lavenn  Collaborative Researcher
Mika Gochomori  Researcher
Yukiko Tsuji  Researcher







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