March 18, 2022

Newsletter “Our World, Your Future” Vol 11 now available


 iCeMS’ newsletter “Our World, Your Future” volume 11 is now available on our website.

iCeMS Our World, Your Future Vol 11

 Please enjoy the following contents:

  • Research Scope: Decoding and Recoding the Epigenome
  • iCeMS Frontrunners: Creating Smart Genetic Switches (Dr Ganesh Pandian Namasivayam)
  • First Author Interview:
  • “Shedding Light on Cell Death Signals”(Dr Masahiro Maruoka)
  • ”Releasing Electrons from Nanoparticles to Fight Cancer(Dr Yuya Higashi)
  • “A New Approach to Gene Therapy: Targeting Mitochondrial DNA” (Dr Takuya Hidaka)
  • “Invigorating Immunotherapy with Epigenetic Modulation” (Dr Madhu Malinee)
  • “Synthesizing Porous Materials that can Absorb CO2 from CO2” (Dr Kentaro Kadota)