March 30, 2022

iCeMS Research Animated – Complex Science Simply Explained

iCeMS PIs have published exciting research on many complex topics in the last year. These short animations attempt to explain two of those publications in just one minute each. Prof Fuyuhiko Tamanoi’s work using nanoparticles containing elements like iodine and irradiating them with monochromatic X-rays to generate clouds of electrons inside cancerous cells’ nuclei aims to advance radiation therapy providing new options in cancer treatment. Prof Yuichi Taniguchi and Prof Masae Ohno developed Hi-CO, a new technology which can analyze the 3D-structure of the genome to the nucleosome level. This advanced imaging will bring fresh insights into genome function and expression.

Can electron clouds generated inside cancer cells close to DNA cause effective cancer elimination?(玉野井冬彦教授)

What is Hi-CO? - A technology for 3D genome structure analysis at the highest resolution(谷口雄一教授 大野雅恵特定講師)