August 23, 2022

iCeMS internship presentation 2022

On August 3, this year’s iCeMS internship students presented the results of their research at the iCeMS main building. The iCeMS Internship Program accepts overseas university students into iCeMS laboratories allowing participants to experience hands-on research from July to August. In this first year of the program, four university students from the Philippines, Canada, and the US came to Japan to conduct research under the guidance of the laboratory of their choice.

As the program comes to a close, the participants shared their research, and engaged in a lively exchange answering questions from iCeMS members. After the presentations, the participants received a lecture on the admissions system to Kyoto University's graduate school, and visited Shimogamo Shrine, a World Cultural Heritage site. We hope that the internship students will soon return as graduate students.

Commemorative photo after the internship presentation
Visiting Shimogamo Shrine