October 11, 2023

Kyoto iUP Interns Complete iCeMS Lab Experience

Kyoto iUP students present their research during the iCeMS retreat

On September 29, Kyoto iUP students completed their iCeMS Lab Experience internship. This is the first year that iCeMS has partnered with Kyoto University’s iUP program and offered a laboratory experience internship. iUP is an innovative program for bright and talented students from around the world, which consists of a six month-preparatory course and four-year undergraduate program. The students take intensive Japanese language courses along with their major field of specialization.

This summer, four students, Meiran Ding, Long Hei Ziv Leung, Hwan-Chi Chen, and Peijie Yan joined iCeMS and worked with the Kengaku, Namasivayam, Suzuki, and Taniguchi Groups. Usually, our interns give their final presentations in the iCeMS seminar room. Since the end of the internship coincided with the iCeMS retreat, interns were invited to take part in the retreat poster sessions. The poster sessions were a great opportunity for the students to share the research they were involved in and gain valuable feedback from their peers at iCeMS. Peijie Yan’s poster was selected as one of the best in the show by iCeMS PIs.

We congratulate the interns on their hard work and wish them the best in their future studies and research.

iUP student Peijie Yan at work in the Taniguchi Lab
iUP student Meiran Ding at work in the Kengaku Lab

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