April 19, 2024

iCeMS Launches New Diversity & Inclusion Desk

On April 17th, iCeMS established the “iCeMS D&I Desk,” a consultation service for iCeMS Members aimed at fostering an inclusive environment where every diverse member is respected.

Staffed by six counselors, this desk is specifically dedicated to listening to concerns related to diversity and inclusiveness, offering an approachable outlet for the iCeMS community.

The iCeMS Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Committee has been leading efforts to promote diversity and inclusiveness at our institute. Among other actions, they have initiated the implementation of guidelines to ensure gender and nationality balance among speakers at academic symposia, introduced bias checks in hiring processes, and have established a babycare room.

These efforts reflect the institute's ongoing commitment to creating an environment where all members can fully participate and thrive.