May 1, 2024

iCeMS and IPE Jointly Held a Symposium on Material and Environmental Science

On April 24, the iCeMS and the Institute of Process Engineering (IPE) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences hosted the “iCeMS-IPE Joint Symposium on Material and Environmental Science” at the iCeMS Main Building. The symposium brought together researchers from iCeMS and IPE to discuss the latest research findings and technological developments in material and environmental science. Ming-Shui Yao, a visitor from IPE, is a professor who conducted research as a postdoctoral researcher (Kitagawa Group) at iCeMS for four years (2018-2022). Together with Associate Professor Kazuichi Otake (Kitagawa Group), he was involved in planning and organizing this symposium.

The symposium opened with remarks from DIstinguished Professor Susumu Kitagawa, who discussed the evolution of porous materials and their potential applications in addressing environmental and energy challenges. Following these remarks, the first session featured presentations by Prof Ning Han, the Director of the Division of Materials and Environmental Engineering at IPE, Jr Assoc Prof Hiroyuki Sakamoto from iCeMS, and Asst Prof Kentaro Kadota from Kyoto University’s Department of Science. The session concluded with a series of flash talks, where three researchers from IPE each delivered a five-minute presentation.

The second session featured presentations from four researchers: Associate Professor Xuetong Yang, Assistant Director of the State Key Laboratory of Mesoscience and Engineering at IPE, Drs Emily Meekel and Qiuyi Huang from iCeMS, and Professor Ming-Shui Yao, Deputy Director of the same laboratory. The session concluded with another series of flash talks, in which three researchers, similar to the first session, delivered presentations.

Finally, Prof Yunfa Chen, Chairman of the Academic Degree Committee at IPE,
emphasized the importance of international cooperation with Japan and the necessity of pursuing social benefits through scientific research, calling for collaborative efforts towards a sustainable future. After the conclusion, a networking reception was held where participants discussed future collaborations and strengthened their mutual connection.

Kitagawa delivering his opening remarks
A scene during the lecture
Participants engaged in enthusiastic discussions during the coffee break
Chen giving the grossing remarks