June 3, 2024

[New article available] First Author Interview: Dr Fumihiko Ogasawara

Dr Fumihiko Ogasawara

A new article has been added to “First Author Interview”. The new interview is with Dr Fumihiko Ogasawara, Program-Specific Researcher (Ueda Group).

In the series, we invite the first authors of a recently published manuscript for a letter-based interview on their work. In particular, we ask the author to tell us the behind-the-scenes story of their manuscript, as experienced personally by the author but not communicated directly in the manuscript.

Cholesterol is an essential lipid for human cells. It is abundant in the cell membrane, which separates the inside and outside of the cell, and is necessary for protection and proper function of the cell. In this study, Fumihiko Ogasawara and Professor Kazumitsu Ueda revealed the mechanism by which two proteins that transport cholesterol maintain the appropriate cholesterol concentration in the cell membrane.

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