Customized IT support

Information Technology Strategist
Specially Appointed Research Associate

Yoshiharu Tsuzaki

Yoshiharu Tsuzaki

People take for granted a reliable information environment. However, it is an essential part of research. For example, if your research results are on a virus-infected computer, your data and other confidential information can be leaked, allowing others to take credit for your hard work and innovation. Even worse, an unreliable information environment may result in discrediting or tarnishing the university and its reputation. Fortunately, Yoshiharu Tsuzaki, who is in charge of information security at the Institute, strives to maintain a secure, convenient, and safe information environment.

Customized IT support

I love working at iCeMS due to the amazing people and supportive environment where researchers and staff respect each other. My primary responsibility is to oversee the Institute’s information environment. Not only do I prepare the information environment from the perspective of ease of use each time the room use changes or new equipment is introduced, but I also take pride in clear and timely communication. Because each person has a different degree of comfort with information equipment, I tailor my response to the intent of the inquiry. Due to my continuous effort and ingenuity, I have gradually earned the trust of the people at this institute. It is a great honor to be treated as a specialist and a valuable part of the team.

Keeping information safe

Carelessness often results in security issues. For example, simple passwords make you vulnerable to third-party hacking and downloading malicious software (malware) might infect your computer with a virus. Those who think, "It won’t happen to me" tend to be the most vulnerable.
  My goal is to increase information security awareness, but I cannot achieve this alone. Unfortunately, universities, businesses, and researchers do not like to spend money or think about information security until it is too late. However, if each person on the network is conscious about their behavior, information can be protected. Thus, I will continue to help everyone implement best practices, allowing all researchers to focus on his or her own projects.

Job Description

  • Network connectivity to services

    ・Provides connections to Kyoto University’s email system and shared storage servers ・Establishes the IT environment for new laboratories (Internet connections, etc.)

  • Information security awareness

    ・Encourages researchers to install anti-virus software ・Educates staff about information security

  • Information security investigation

    ・Investigates iCeMS’ information environment in cooperation with Kyoto University’s Institute for Information Management and Communication

  • Inquiry support

    ・Provides remote and on-site support to resolve challenging computer issues ・Physically assists staff to provide the most appropriate solution to individual issues

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*This article was originally published in the newsletter “iCeMS Our World Your Future vol.8”. All the information on this page, including the affiliation, is current at the time of publication.