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  • Director's Vision
  • Timeline
  • Organization Chart
  • Management
  • Facts and Figures
  • Honors and Awards
  • Partner Institutions
  • Research Groups
  • iCeMS Analysis Center
  • Facilities

[revised: October 2017]

Newsletter "Our World, Your Future"


  • Feature: Micropores are Here to Help! Welcome to the world of PCP/MOFs
  • Interview: iCeMS Frontrunners — Director Susuku Kitagawa
    "Potential for a New Kind of Empty Space"
  • iCeMS in brief (Research highlights and news)

[issued: October 2018]


  • Feature: iCeMS, where collaborative research flourishes
  • Interview: iCeMS Frontrunners — Prof Mineko Kengaku
    "Pursuing the Unelucidated Structure of Beauty"
  • iCeMS in brief (Research highlights and news)

[issued: December 2017]


  • Feature: Researchers in iCeMS
  • iCeMS Frontrunners (Prof Jun Suzuki, Dr Satoshi Horike)
  • iCeMS in brief (Research highlights and news)

[issued: March 2017]


  • Feature: Timeline: Ten Years of iCeMS
  • iCeMS Frontrunners (Dr Daniel Packwood, Dr Kouichi Hasegawa)
  • iCeMS in brief (Research highlights and news)

[issued: February 2016]


  • Feature article 1: iCeMS Learning Lounge Digest
  • Feature article 2: Creating new ways of learning
  • iCeMS in brief (Research highlights and news)

[issued: January 2017]


  • Feature: iCeMS Tour with researchers
  • Interview: iCeMS Frontrunners (Dr Dang Ohtan Wang)
  • iCeMS in brief (Research highlights and news)

[issued: December 2015]



[issued: August 2014]

Newsletter "iCeMS Focus"

2014 Autumn

  • Research Highlights 2014
  • Events in 2014
  • Awards and Grants
  • edX Students and Japan Minister Visit iCeMS
  • Young Researchers at iCeMS
  • iCeMS Recruitment

[Issued November 2014]