The Director’s Vision

Director Susumu Kitagawa

Integrating Cell Biology and Materials Science

Kyoto University excels in cell biology and materials science. At iCeMS, we are transcending the boundaries between these fields and exploring the intersection of life and matter, where we are pioneering a new field of research, integrated cell-materials science.

Cultivating New Fields of Research

Some may argue that when researchers with different perspectives and expertise are brought together, they have difficulties sharing information and developing common goals. By sharing and accepting different views and opinions, iCeMS researchers not only overcome these difficulties, but turn them into opportunities for advancing the goals of the Institute. Now, entirely new ways of thinking, and values are being realized. In this diverse and creative environment, we are focusing on developing the following areas of study.

Major Pillars of Research

1. Understanding and regulating cellular function using novel materials and technologies

It is through the self-organization and interaction of a great number of chemical substances that cells maintain biological activity. In order to understand the mechanisms of cellular functions, we first prepare the necessary chemicals and materials required for analysis. We then utilize the knowledge gained through analysis to create chemicals which can regulate cellular functions.

2. Creating functional materials inspired by cellular mechanisms

Cells sustain life by separating, selecting, concentrating, transforming, detecting and releasing various molecules. Through a deep understanding of cellular functions and mechanisms, we wish to create smart materials that out-perform the systems they were inspired by and apply them in the health, environmental, and energy sectors.