Research Promotion

At iCeMS, expert teams provide administrative and logistical support to accelerate brain circulation among national and international higher education and research institutions, expand and consolidate international networks of scientists in relevant fields, and promote practical use of the research output of iCeMS. They contribute to top-notch research environments at iCeMS and its partners as their activities inform the innovation strategies of universities and research centers in Japan and strengthen ties with other World Premier International (WPI) research centers.


International PR + science communication

iCeMS research results are communicated and promoted domestically and internationally.

Research News

Outreach events

Building connections with the general public and high school students.

Public Events

Offline/online communication

Research results are disseminated through the social media and websites, and newsletters and promotional goods.



International exchange of researchers

International symposia and researcher dispatch/invitation programs provide scientists with chances for international exchange.

International Researcher Exchange
Academic Events

International joint research

iCeMS partners with research institutions around the world to promote research.

Academic Cooperation & Exchange

Funding/Intellectual property

Intellectual property/patent/industrial application

Acquisition and maintenance of patents and the execution of agreements and contracts are supported.


Strategic acquisition of research funds

Guidance on how to obtain research funding is provided in collaboration with the Kyoto University Research Administration Office (KURA).


Donations are accepted through the iCeMS Fund, Yahoo! JAPAN Internet Fundraising, and other channels.


Research environment

Shared analysis equipment

Shared analysis equipment and concierge service are available for scientists.

Analysis Center

Support the immigration of international researchers to Japan

Assistance is available for immigration, housing, and other procedures so that researchers can focus on their work.

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Maintenance of IT environment

Prioritizing information security and providing personalized support.

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